Acapella Premium – Acapella++

By Lê Tí

Acapella Premium – Acapella++ iPA bởi Lê Tí – iOS CodeVN.

Acapella++ mở khóa tất cả tính năng premium của ứng dụng Acapella.


Acapella is the ultimate music maker and you can collab with any musician around the world. Whether you’re a musician and you play the piano, guitar, flute, drums etc or love to sing a cover song or simply jam and record music – you can use Acapella singing app as a multitrack tool to create multi frame music videos.


Scroll through the discover tab to find talented artist from around the world to collaborative with. Share the multi frame video or download an Apple lossless copy of the audio. Check out Acapella’s full featured music editing tool to help insure you produce the highest quality sound possible.


Acapella music editor contains the following features:

– Record song up to 10 minutes

– Import one video (first video) to help you become the ultimate acapella maker

– Optimize your sound with EQ (music equalizer), noise gate and processor

– Collab with friends by making music together

– Add your logo as a watermark (png, jpeg)

– Pan audio left or right

– Built-in metronome is a must have for a music creator

– Share video with CD quality audio

– Download Apple lossless (ALAC) audio file or m4a.

– Listen to your songs from iTunes library to help you record songs

– Create playlist you can listen to on the go

– Share to favorite social platforms like Mixcord, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc…

Download Acapella Premium – Acapella++

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