AnTuTu Benchmark

By Beijing AnTuTu Technology Limited

AnTuTu Benchmark is free benchmarking app that helps users know their IOS devices performance through hard numbers and solid facts.

Benchmark Matrix:
User Experience (UX) – Gives users a direct impression on smart device performance with detailed scores.

CPU Tests – Lets each individual user know how powerful of a CPU they have, with detailed score points and true hard-numbers.

RAM Tests – Reflects the real processing ability the RAM of your IOS devices.

GPU Tests – Reflects the real graphics processing performance, critical for all 3D effects, games, and video playback.

I/O Tests – Gives users a direct score that reflects on the factual input/output (I/O) performance your system permits.

Besides the professional and wildly popular benchmarking matrix, users can compare their own device with other popular devices that may also have powerful hardware performance.

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