ChatGenius Unlimited – ChatGenius++

ChatGenius Unlimited – ChatGenius++


Nhà phát hành Ludmila Shcherbachuk
Chuyên mục Apps , iPA , Tweaked
Phiên bản 2.255
Cập nhật 02/03/2024
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ChatGenius Unlimited – ChatGenius++ iPA by Lê Tí – iOS CodeVN, cảm ơn LK Team đã hỗ trợ.

ChatGenius++ iPA mở khóa các tính năng trả phí của ứng dụng ChatGenius – AI Chat, ChatBot.


Introducing ChatGenius, the ultimate AI-powered companion for your iOS device, powered by OpenAI. This app offers a multitude of features, all designed to make your daily life easier. ChatGenius is the pinnacle of AI innovation, bringing you the highest quality of artificial intelligence through the powerful GPT-4 model.

ChatGenius is powered by the ChatGPT API, providing you with the ability to chat with the most advanced bots, DaVinci in the unlimited version, and Curie in the basic version. Whether you need advice, information, or just a friendly conversation, these bots, fueled by GPT-4, are always there for you.

Unleash your creativity with the built-in poetry generation feature, whether you’re a passionate writer or just looking for some inspiration. Overcoming writer’s block has never been easier; with a single tap, the app can generate post ideas for your social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and more.

With a dedicated interface for research, ChatGenius makes it easy to find the information you need. It even explains complex concepts in an understandable manner, all thanks to the technology powered by OpenAI.

For developers, the app includes a feature to generate code in any language, making it the perfect companion for coding tasks. The smart editing tool, powered by the ChatGPT API, lets you easily modify your text and code based on your instructions.

ChatGenius comes equipped with a speech-to-text feature built on top of Apple’s Speech framework, making it easy for you to input text using your voice. With full VoiceOver support and a text-to-speech feature, the app is accessible to everyone. It also supports both dark and light modes for your convenience.

In essence, ChatGenius, powered by GPT-4, is a must-have for anyone seeking an AI-powered companion. With its array of features, this app will make your life more productive and enjoyable.

Download ChatGenius today and experience the power of ChatGPT api on your device.

P.S. This app description was generated with one tap in our app, showcasing the capabilities of the ChatGPT API in action!

Hướng dẫn

1. Nếu tải bằng thiết bị di động, sau khi đến trang đích nhưng không thấy nút DOWNLOAD, vui lòng bấm vào biểu tượng AA ở bên trái thanh địa chỉ và chọn "Yêu cầu trang web cho máy tính".
2. Sau khi đã tải iPA về thiết bị:
- Nếu đã jailbreak: vui lòng cài thêm Appsync từ nguồn
- Nếu chưa jailbreak: sử dụng AltStore, Sideloadly để cài đặt (yêu cầu máy tính) hoặc mua chứng chỉ và cài đặt thông qua Esign, Gbox...

Download ChatGenius Unlimited – ChatGenius++

2.252 for iOS 13.0 or later 2.255

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30 days ago

I keep getting a error message everytime i try to generate a response

1 month ago

Hi, it is possible to request an update of this ipa. with the foul-mouthed pro version too. A thousand thanks

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