Decide Now!

By Catforce Studio

The best decision maker: put your OWN ideas on a spinner wheel & get the answer!

Can’t decide? Or afraid of making the wrong choice? The original Decide Now! app is here to help you! Create your question, add answers, spin the wheel and see what comes up!

Decide Now! will randomly choose your next step in those situations and give you entertaining ideas on different occasions.

Where to travel? What dress should I wear? Who is going to answer in the classroom?

Let Decide Now! select it in a fun way!


• CUSTOM WHEELS: unlimited number of your OWN wheels with unlimited number of labels you can put on them

• DEACTIVATE LABELS: disable/enable labels to temporarily eliminate some choices

• BULK IMPORT: you can add large label lists to your wheels right from the clipboard

• EXPORT WHEELS: easily export your wheels and share them with your friends or transfer among your devices

• SHARING: Share your decisions with your friends

• SHAKE TO RANDOMISE: randomly reposition your labels on the wheel just by shaking your device

• Predefined wheel templates

• Exciting color schemes

• Dark / light themes

Install Decide Now!

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