Hashtag Manager Pro

By Dalibor Vukovic

This is the app that offers the most preloaded hashtags.

Over 5000 hashtags organized in 18 topics and 182 collections.

Suggestions algorithm that utilizes the preloaded hashtags, your own collections and over time learns the way you use the hashtags.

– Load hashtags easily by pasting from the clipboard to the app.

– Exclusive Instagram tips to get more followers.

– Save your hashtags into lists, and copy them effortlessly into Instagram.

– Combine lists e.g. combine your “beach” and “breakfast” hashtag collections for a breakfast on the beach.

– Load the top 100 popular hashtags, and start collecting likes and followers.

– Highlight hashtags with colors.

New: Focus & Pool

Set your Focus hashtags to always be included and set a big number of Pool hashtags. The 30 tags will be filled with your Focus tags plus a random set from the Pool

#easy #useful #timesaver

Download Hashtag Manager Pro

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