iFaces – Custom Themes and Faces for Apple Watch

By Live Wallpapers

Be the first to personalize your Apple Watch!

Set custom watch faces, wallpapers and backgrounds on your Apple Watch!

Optimized for iOS 10, iPhone 7, 7 Plus and Apple Watch. Download NOW!


– Beautiful designs by professional artists

– Various themes and topics

– Downloadable wallpapers packs

– Fresh wallpapers every day with auto rotation

– Over 30 packs ready-to-install

– Intuitive preview screen

– Regular updates with unique content

– Seamless sync and easy installation process

– Apple Watch app

– Easy pack installation right from Apple Watch

NOTE: watchOS 2 or later is required to run iFaces. Make sure to update watchOS to the latest version.

Download iFaces – Custom Themes and Faces for Apple Watch

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