Instagram Rocket

By Majd Alfhaily & JulioVerne

Rocket for Instagram (Instagram Rocket) could be categorized as an Instagram user’s dream tweak, because it’s going to let you do things that the photo and video sharing social network probably doesn’t want you to do, but nevertheless they’re things you, the user, have wanted for a long time.
If you’re an Instagram user looking to enhance your abilities within the app and obtain features that no stock user is ever going to get, Rocket for Instagram could be your new best friend.

  • Browse home feed in grid layout.
  • Show following status in Profile.
  • Download posts from your feed.
  • Repost any post from your feed.
  • Long press on posts to zoom.
  • Copy post captions from your feed.
  • Download all Stories on Instagram.
  • Save videos from IGTV.
  • View Stories without notifying others.
  • Mute and unmute Stories.
  • Disable Auto-Advance in Stories.
  • Hide Stories from your feed.
  • Play in high quality on Mobile Data.
  • Long press on profile photo to zoom.
  • Disable read receipts in DM.
  • Disable Screenshot notifications in DM.
  • Disable Read Receipts in DM.

Bản có chữ Cracked dành cho bạn nào chưa mua Rocket, bản không có chữ Cracked dành cho những bạn đã mua Rocket.

Sau khi đã tải bản Cracked về và cài đặt thành công, mở ứng dụng Instagram lên -> bấm vô biểu tượng hình người ở góc phải bên dưới -> bấm vô dấu 3 gạch ở góc phải bên trên -> Rocket Settings -> Upgrade Now! -> Lúc này sẽ tải về 1 file cấu hình, tiến hành cài đặt và mở Manage License -> Restore Purchases

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4 months ago is better than you. At least he uses real file hosts and not raptors. Plus, he posts more apps and updates than you do. And finally, his site is not filled with advertisements.

4 months ago

Do you want to use a file hoster that does not limit downloads? Instead of using those fucking thieves, raptors

Reply to  Lê Tí
4 months ago

Why ? It costs you nothing to upload it to mega or mediafire

4 months ago

của em nó báo không được xác nhận bác tí ơi

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