Mockup Studio Lifetime – Mockup++

Mockup Studio Lifetime – Mockup++


Nhà phát hành Apprime Studio sarl
Chuyên mục Apps , iPA , Tweaked
Phiên bản 3.6.2
Cập nhật 01/11/2023
Mod Mở khóa full

Mockup Studio Lifetime – Mockup++ iPA by Lê Tí – iOS CodeVN.

Mockup++ iPA mở khóa các tính năng trả phí của ứng dụng Mockup – Sketch UI & UX.


Elevate your design workflow with Mockup, the ultimate companion for UI & UX sketching and wireframing. With its fresh approach and intuitive features, Mockup is the perfect app to brainstorm and blueprint your next app or web design. Whether you want to ideate, sketch an entire process, or wireframe, Mockup is the app for you.

Mockup offers more than 45 device templates in two orientations, allowing you to easily visualize your ideas within the intended frames.

Key Features:

– Flexible canvas and abundant frames for limitless creativity.

– Drawing tools & rich color palette to bring your UI & UX designs to life.

– Mockup’s Library with default elements. Create your own elements, save, and reuse them in your sketches.

– Image insertion from your files for seamless integration of visuals and screenshots into your projects.

– Text insertion for neatly incorporating your notes and sketch details.

– Drag & drop text or images from any app directly into the canvas.

– Over 4000 symbols from Apple’s SF Symbols library to elevate your sketches.

– Incorporating and customizing shapes such as rectangles, ellipses, & lines.

– Mockup’s lasso tool to move, resize, group & ungroup elements, and more for seamless control over your elements.

– Easy arrangement of elements using the Bring Forward, Bring to Front, Send Backward, and Send to Back options.

– Pasteboard support to cut, copy, or paste any selection anywhere in the canvas or even copy text and image objects to other apps. Additionally, you can paste text, images, or drawings copied from other apps inside the canvas.

– Customizable grid options to lay out your elements with various spacing and separate opacity controls.

– High-quality export options for PDF and PNG. Sharable Mockup files are also available.

– Effortless organization of projects and sketches by grouping sketches into projects or creating projects within projects.

– Multitasking with multiple windows for enhanced productivity.

– Quick actions to duplicate a sketch across multiple frames, switch two frames for faster sketching, hide a frame to create more space or add notes, clear a frame, or export a frame.

Experience seamless collaboration with SharePlay, allowing you to share, brainstorm, and sketch with colleagues or clients directly from the app.

Easily access your sketches and projects across all your devices with iCloud sync.

Access your recently opened sketches with the Recents Widget. Display widget sketches directly on your home screen with Preview Widgets.

Unleash your creative potential with unlimited projects and sketches for free. Unlock the premium features with one of our paid plans.

Premium features include access to: Unlock All Templates, Access Exclusive Elements, Remove Watermarks from Exported PDFs, Enable PNG export, Shape Detection, Use Symbols (4000+ customizable symbols), Create Nested Projects, and Create Unlimited Element Sets.

Hướng dẫn

1. Nếu tải bằng thiết bị di động, sau khi đến trang đích nhưng không thấy nút DOWNLOAD, vui lòng bấm vào biểu tượng AA ở bên trái thanh địa chỉ và chọn "Yêu cầu trang web cho máy tính".
2. Sau khi đã tải iPA về thiết bị:
- Nếu đã jailbreak: vui lòng cài thêm Appsync từ nguồn
- Nếu chưa jailbreak: sử dụng AltStore, Sideloadly để cài đặt (yêu cầu máy tính) hoặc mua chứng chỉ và cài đặt thông qua Esign, Gbox...

Download Mockup Studio Lifetime – Mockup++

3.6.2 for iOS 14.0 or later

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