Picsew Pro – Picsew++ iPA

By Paisseon

Picsew Pro – Picsew++ iPA sử dụng Satella by Paisseon.

Picsew++ iPA mở khóa tất cả các tính năng pro của ứng dụng Picsew – Screenshot Stitching.

Hướng dẫn mở khóa pro: bấm Mua sau đó bấm Hủy.


Picsew can automatically merge multiple screenshots to a long screenshot, and we call this long screenshot “Scrollshot”.


# Features


– Create scrollshot directly through screen recording.

– Advanced Screenshot-Merging-Algorithm among the same kind of products.

– Stitch manually if you want to control more, both vertical and horizontal stitching are supported.

– Select large number of photos, up to 300.

– High resolution photo stitching and output.

– Export as PDF.

– Export as slices.

– Cleaning status bar.

– Annotation, adding watermark, redaction and mockup.

– Minimal interface design, no advertising.

– Universal application, compatible with iPhone and iPad.

– Compatible with VoiceOver.


# Extensions


– Scrollshot Recording:

Create scrollshot without taking screenshots.

– Web Snapshot:

Make web site full page screenshot right in Safari app.

– Recent Scrollshot:

Make scrollshot without opening app.

– Create Scrollshot:

Make scrollshot right in Photos app.


Picsew can be automatically stitched:


– Conversation

– To-Do list

– Tweet list

– Comment list

– Long article

– Long web page

– Other contents that can be scrolled

Download Picsew Pro – Picsew++ iPA

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