PlayerXtreme Media Player PRO

PlayerXtreme Media Player PRO


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Phiên bản 8.5.2
Cập nhật 21/06/2022
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Tất cả các ID đều bị KHÓA VĨNH VIỄN vì thế không thể kích hoạt ứng dụng, vui lòng KHÔNG CÀI ĐẶT ứng dụng nếu thiết bị (iPhone/iPad/iPod) của bạn chưa từng đăng nhập Apple ID của iOS CodeVN

PlayerXtreme is a video player worthy of the elegant iPhone. With PlayerXtreme you can watch your movies on the go from anywhere even if they’re in any format even if they don’t normally play or even sync with your iPhone! Download PlayerXtreme & start transferring & watching your favorite movies without conversion!


PlayerXtreme is able to run files in almost any video format including:

3gp, asf, avi, divx, dv, dat, flv, gxf, m2p, m2ts, m2v, m4v, mkv, moov, mov, mp4, mpeg, mpeg1, mpeg2, mpeg4, mpg, mpv, mt2s, mts, mxf, ogm, ogv, ps, qt, rm, rmvb, ts, vob, WebM, wm, wmv, iso, wtv, video_ts

Includes industry standard HD Audio support.


Play and browse all your movies, shows and music stored on your networked devices like NAS devices, Wi-Fi hard drive, Mac, PC, DLNA/UPnP apps like Plex and Kodi (XBMC) in most formats directly without conversion & syncing.


Fling your videos on big screens using Apple AirPlay & Google Cast with subtitles and high quality sound.


Download subtitles in real time (for free via or add your own subtitle files in multiple languages.


“You can play almost any video format under the sun on your iPad/iPhone/iPod with the PlayerXtreme app.”

– Tech Radar

“PlayerXtreme can handle just about any file format you throw at it, which means that it can easily become your main video player.”

– Lifehacker

“5 Reasons That Makes PlayerXtreme the Best Video Player for iOS”

– Guiding Tech

“App Crawlr has awarded 9.9 ratings to PlayerXtreme Media Player.”

– App Crawlr

“Quart Soft has rated PlayerXtreme in the Top 6 Free iOS Apps for Playing SD & HD Video.”

– Quart Soft

“The clarity and easy to use makes me want to always use this app”

– Player Xtreme user

“Very useful app. Highly recommended.!”

– Player Xtreme user


PlayerX Features:


• Intuitive Video Posters based UI

• Mac Finder/Window Explorer like interface option.

• Easy to organize your movie collection.

• New Navigation and search

• Folders


• Download videos from networked devices

• SMB, UPNP and Wifi support.

• Access your files via web browser.

• Map you library as drive.

• Add files from your PC to your iPhone.


• Play files from your email attachments.

• Big screens casting via AirPlay and Google Cast.

• Supports HD playback (in 1080p) for all formats.

• Support SRT, SSA/ASS, SMI and many other subtitles in almost all languages.

• One-click subtitle downloads from OpenSubtitles

• Quick forward and backward controls

• Control subtitle font size, track and language.

• Supports multiple audio tracks in a file.

• Boost volume upto 3 times the original sound for watching movies without headphones.

• Gesture Controls

• Continuous playback

• Industry standard HD Audio support


• Set Passcode on your library to restrict anyone from accessing your folders/files.

• Can enable guest access.

• Hiding folders. Hidden folders are not visible to guest users.

- Tất cả các ID đều bị KHÓA VĨNH VIỄN vì thế không thể kích hoạt ứng dụng, vui lòng KHÔNG CÀI ĐẶT ứng dụng nếu thiết bị (iPhone/iPad/iPod) của bạn chưa từng đăng nhập Apple ID của iOS CodeVN.
- Nếu bạn muốn tải một app miễn phí nào đó yêu cầu iOS cao hơn máy của bạn nhưng Apple ID của bạn chưa từng tải bao giờ, hãy thử sử dụng ipatool-web tại địa chỉ
- Bạn có thể tải ứng dụng phiên bản cũ với Apple ID của bạn bằng cách sử dụng máy tính (xem hướng dẫn tại đây) hoặc không cần máy tính (xem hướng dẫn tại đây).

Cài đặt PlayerXtreme Media Player PRO

1.2 for iOS 6, 7 6.3.5 for iOS 8 8.5.2 for iOS 9 - 13

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