Download Poly Bridge 2 and enjoy an exceptional bridge-building simulation. It has many mind-bending challenges that you must resolve to continue with the gameplay.

Everything You Need to Know About Poly Bridge

Poly Bridge a simulation game characterized by numerous puzzles. It requires a high level of creativity and exceptional agility to solve various challenges in the gameplay.

The game was developed by Indie Studio Dry Cactus—a New Zealand’s award-winning gaming company.

Additionally, Poly Bridge incorporates highly entertaining music to enhance the thrill. It uses music by a Canadian Composer known as Adrian Talens.

In this game, players will be required to build sturdy bridges that’ll facilitate the crossing of motor vehicles.

In the initial release (July 2016), the game was only available for Microsoft Windows. However, the developer has subsequently released versatile versions for iOS (June 2017).

Even better, the recently released Poly Bridge 2 can accommodate a wider range of operating systems, including MacOS X, Linux, and Windows. As such, this development makes the game more flexible allowing users to choose their ideal version while enjoying improved gaming features.

Why Poly Bridge 2 Is an Exciting Game

Poly Bridge 2 has incorporated enhanced graphics to ensure that you enjoy even the minute details of the game. It has more challenges and exceptional gaming features that’ll surely transform your Poly Bridge gaming experience for the better.

When building the bridge, you’ll have a wide range of materials to use. You’ll have wood, ropes, cables, and stones. You should always ensure that you combine all the materials provided to achieve phenomenal bridges with unmatched strength.

If you’re worried about how to move these heavy materials, then you should worry no more! You’ll have powerful hydraulics that’ll make moving the materials a breeze!

However, you should note that these materials are not all available for free! As you progress with the gameplay, you’ll be required to constantly unlock stronger materials to build long-lasting bridges.

Additionally, Poly Bridge 2 has introduced the use of springs! Yes, besides the hydraulics, you’ll be able to use springs which will bounce your vehicle across the river. When setting the spring, you should ensure that they can achieve enough force to thrust your car to the other side lest it falls into the waters.

This phenomenal addition will help you to save on materials. Just use a few materials and join the spring to propel the vehicle to the other side!

Objectives of the Game

In this game, you’ll play as the building expert expected to resolve a transportation challenge in your region. There are several rivers that prevent vehicles to cross over due to their depths and widths.

To help solve out the problem, you must erect strong bridges to enable an easy movement of vehicles across the rivers.

Are you up to the task? Do you have the tenacity and persistence required to manoeuvre through the many difficulties that characterize the gameplay? If yes, then you should download this game and take up the challenge.

An Engaging Gameplay

This game has simple yet exciting gameplay. When you join, you’ll be required to manoeuvre through challenges and build strong bridges. Here are factors you should consider before embarking on your mission:

  • The building cost must always be within the budget
  • The bridge must be strong enough to accommodate a given number of vehicles

 The game has a variety of vehicles ranging from trucks to motorcycles. The weight of each vehicle should determine the materials you use in your construction.

Additionally, the game has numerous obstacles such as speed boats. You’ll be required to either facilitate their passage or modify your bridges to allow your vehicles to jump over these obstacles to the other side of the river.

The more levels you complete, the more money you’ll earn. Consequently, you’ll have access to many unique features that’ll better your gameplay.

Unique Features of Poly Bridge 2

    • A Real-Time Leaderboard. This game comes with a regularly updated leaderboard. You should ensure that you complete many gaming challenges to rank better. This way, you’ll collect many bucks and rewards which you can use to unlock better gaming features.
    • Exhilarating Challenges. There are different challenges that require an analytical mind. Always ensure that your bridge does not collapse before your vehicle crosses to the other side. If that happens, you’ll be required to repeat the level until you achieve a solid bridge.

  • Many Obstacles. As you continue with the gameplay, you’ll face unique obstacles. For example, a ship sailing through the waters. In such cases, you must design your bridge high enough to ensure that your car crosses the river without crashing on the ship!
  • Super Realistic Physics. Compared to Poly Bridge 1, this new release has super cool controls that allow you to build bridges fast. Ensure that you choose your ideal materials and position them across the river in simple touch and drag requirements.
  • Unlock Superb Features. The more dollars you earn, the easier it’ll be for you to unlock the unique features of the game. These extraordinary features may include cranes and better building materials.
  • Make Bridges with Moving Parts. This enables you to facilitate the passage of more than one vehicle within the same time without crashing with speed boats. When one vehicle passes, you can lift one side of the bridge to allow the speed boat to pass, and then return it for the remaining vehicle to pass!

Save on Budget

The game has a unique way of letting you use less material to save budget. If you continually spend highly, you may run out of resources which can be frustrating! In such cases, you’ll get the “ABOVE BUDGET” warning every time you want to unlock superior tools.

Luckily, you’ll have a myriad of options when undertaking your construction. Always ensure that you spend wisely without necessarily compromising the quality of your bridges.

Superb Graphics and Interesting Sound Systems

Poly Bridge 2 has incorporated realistic graphics that set it apart from the previous versions. It has super cool boats, vehicles, and trucks. Additionally, you’ll enjoy a background of trees and snowy areas which guarantees exceptional fun throughout the gameplay.

Additionally, the game uses superb sound systems that are simply revolutionary. You’ll occasionally hear sirens, vehicles accelerating, and other realistic sounds.

Where to Get the Game and the Cost

Poly Bridge 2 was recently released and it’ll cost you $14.99 to purchase the game on Steam (


Poly Bridge 2 is a superior game compared to the original version of the game. It has improved physics and control mechanics that guarantee topnotch fun for gamers.

Download it today and experience the thrill that comes alongside every challenge! Build as many bridges as you can to earn money that’ll help you unlock other sophisticated gaming features.

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