TD Quest-Tower Defense Games

By Funcore Games

Lightsaber Warrior, Iron Knight, Dragon Warrior, Archer, Sniper, White Mage, Summoner, Wizard, Dragon Mage, Huntress, etc. Various Guardians with unique skills are waiting for your commands! Hire Guardians and defend the crystal!

Crystania Wars contains RTS elements, TD rules, and a MMO style combat system. In combat, players can operate front-row characters to confront enemies or avoid enemy attacks, while back-row characters assume the roles of damage, control, heal and so on. A player can switch the jobs of the rear characters according to the combat situation and must protect the crystal from being destroyed.


*Exciting combat system for tower defense

*Various and exotic skill types

*Challenging Levels

*Retro pixel art style

*In memory of Retro SEGA games


*11 Guardians with special skills

*180+challenging levels

*100+skill types

*20+ talents with tactical upgrades


*and more…!

We are planning to add more Guardians,Temples,Dark Lords,skills,monsters, talents, missions and more game modes!

Have Fun!

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Email:[email protected]

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