YouTube Reborn iPA

By Lillie

YouTube Reborn iPA using YouTube Reborn by Lillie and YouTube-Sign-in fix by BandarHL.

YouTube Reborn v3 – Completely rewritten, sponsorblock, new 4k video/audio downloader and more

YouTube Reborn v3 is a complete rewrite from v2, everything has been rewritten, no external dependencies for anything anymore.

It has a ton of new features such as SponsorBlock and a ton of rewrites to everything including Picture In Picture, 4k video/audio downloading and more.

It is designed for YouTube v17+ (v16- is not fully supported by YouTube Reborn v3) and works on iOS 13-15. iOS 11/12 support is being considered for the future.

Most of your options from v2 should transfer over to v3 but v3 had a lot of preference keys reset, so you will need to re-configure it a bit if you are coming from v2.

Non-jb users can build it using sideloadly by taking the deb and using the inject deb option in sideloadly.


Massive thanks to all my testers and patreons in this 9 month long beta.

If you want to help support Lillie, please consider subscribing to his patreon:

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