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YouTube Reborn

YouTube Reborn

v18.15.1 (T4.0.9)

Nhà phát hành Google LLC
Chuyên mục Apps , iPA , Tweaked
Phiên bản 18.15.1 (T4.0.9)
Cập nhật 18/04/2023
Mod Chặn quảng cáo, phát nền, PIP, tải video

YouTube Reborn is a tweak that brings the most demanding features to the YouTube app to enhance the overall user experience when using the app.

What is YouTube Reborn?

YouTube Reborn is a third-party mod for the iOS YouTube app that adds many new features that are missing from the app, such as the ability to download videos, play videos using Picture-in-Picture mode, block ads, and more.

The tweak is built right into YouTube which means that once you install it, it is as if you are using the original YouTube app except with new features added to it.

The tweak can be installed in various ways. In this article, we’ll show you how to install it using AltStore, Cydia, or third-party app stores.


YouTube Reborn Features

The YouTube Reborn app offers the following features:

  • Remove YouTube Ads.
  • Background playback for YT videos.
  • Download Videos/Audio/Shorts for offline playback (supports up to 4K).
  • Support all YT Formats (MP4 + WebM), all qualities (from 144p to 4K) and all frames (30fps, 50fps, and 60fps).
  • Play saved media in a custom player with background playback support.
  • Supports mini-player for easier navigation.
  • Supports scrubbing/controls from Control Center.
  • Share/Export saved videos to Camera Roll or to any other app.
  • Gestures Controls on Video (Swipe Left/Right to increase/decrease Volume/Brightness/Seek).
  • Playback Speed Controls.
  • iPad layout style.
  • More options are in the settings.


If you want to help support Lillie, please consider subscribing to his patreon: https://patreon.com/lillieweeb

Hướng dẫn

1. Nếu tải bằng thiết bị di động, sau khi đến trang đích nhưng không thấy nút DOWNLOAD, vui lòng bấm vào biểu tượng AA ở bên trái thanh địa chỉ và chọn "Yêu cầu trang web cho máy tính".
2. Sau khi đã tải iPA về thiết bị:
- Nếu đã jailbreak: vui lòng cài thêm Appsync từ nguồn cydia.akemi.ai
- Nếu chưa jailbreak: sử dụng AltStore, Sideloadly để cài đặt (yêu cầu máy tính) hoặc mua chứng chỉ và cài đặt thông qua Esign, Gbox...

Download YouTube Reborn

17.25.1 (T3.1.0) for iOS 12.0 or later 17.25.1 (T3.1.2) 17.26.2 (T3.1.8) 17.28.2 (T3.1.9) 17.30.3 (T3.1.9) 17.32.2 (T3.1.9) 17.37.3 (T3.1.9) 17.38.10 (T3.1.9) 17.38.10 (T3.1.9) Dự phòng 17.40.5 (T3.1.9) for iOS 13.0 or later
17.40.5 (T3.1.9) Dự phòng 17.43.1 (T4.0.3) for iOS 14.0 or later 17.43.1 (T4.0.7) 17.49.6 (T4.0.9) 18.05.2 (T4.0.9) 18.08.1 (T4.0.9) 18.15.1 (T4.0.9)

Cùng nhà phát hành Google LLC

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